• Nico Necklace
  • Nico Necklace

+  We're obsessed with NYC designer Selin Kent's brand of minimalist-meets-edgy fine jewelry that's as perfect for a special occasion as it is for everyday wear

+  Selin Kent’s debut collection is characterized by a minimalist vocabulary of clean lines, architectural forms, and simplified shapes that are inspired by her experiences in Vienna, Paris, Istanbul, and New York

+  Responsibly sourced metals and stones

+  The super-minimalist yet statement Nico Necklace features a 14k yellow gold bar on a half-yelllow gold and half-rhodium-blackened-gold chain

+  14k yellow gold and 14k rhodium-blackened gold

+  28" chain, bar pendant measures 1" long

+  Handcrafted through traditional metalsmithing techniques in NYC