Wish List

Welcome to ShopGoldyn.com's Wish List. We have made it super easy to use and manage. It's great for Birthdays, Christmas or any occasion where you would like others to know what you've had your eye on. Here's how it works:

To Set Up A Wish List:
1. Go to "My Account and create an account and password or log in if you have already shopped with us online.
2. Now that you are logged in, you can start shopping! When you find an item you would like to put on your list, just click "Add to my Wish List". It's that easy. If you have more than one Wish List set up, like one for Christmas and one your Birthday, just choose which Wish List you want to add the product to.
3. Once your list is created, you will want to share it with your family and friends. Copy this URL: http://www.shopgoldyn.com/wish_list.cfm, and put it into an email telling people you are registered at ShopGoldyn. All they will need to do is put your last name in the search field. That's it!
4. It's easy to add or delete items as well as check in to see what your family and friends have bought. Check in often, it's fun.

To Find and Use A Wish List:
1. Just enter the last name of the person you are shopping for in the field below.
2. Next, be sure to click the "Start Shopping for..." button. Then you will be able to shop from their list.
3. NOTE: There is an option at check out when you get to shipping called "Pick up at store". If you choose this, please let us know in the notes area that your purchase is from a registry. We will notify the lucky person you are shopping for that they have a gift ready and waiting for pick up.

Enter the Last Name of the person you want to shop for: