The Woods

Founded by sisters Shawn Hecox and Samantha Hitchcock, and based out of Denver and Aspen (respectively), The Woods was born out of a love for contrasts—modern and vintage, shiny and matte, edgy and girly, sophisticated and innocent. Originally, however, it was the sisters’ obsession with rose cut raw diamonds that drove them to create the line. “We love seeing diamonds, the epitome of luxury, in an organic, unfussy setting,” says Hecox. Much of the line, for instance, features tea-dyed bone, fossilized reclaimed wooly mammoth tusk, or ebony wood beads with rose cut diamond charms and pendants such as birds, stars, crescents, and circles, as well as 14-karat gold beads. The result is bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that sparkle in a luxurious but organic style; that beautifully combine the dazzle of fine jewelry with a down-to-earth vibe. There is a richness and glamour in The Wood's pieces that is infused with a distinctly unique, bohemian vibe.  

The Woods also includes many one-of-a-kind, vintage-inspired pieces such as diamond hoops, drops and studs. While the sisters will continue to work with fossilized mammoth tusk, ebony wood, and tea-dyed bone into the future, the two plan to also add leather and gold chain into the mix. As the years have past, we've seen The Woods collections become more and more refined, retaining a playful edge with pieces like their vibrantly colorful friendship bracelets with diamond charms but also moving in a sophisticated direction with gorgeous, timeless pieces like their sterling silver and diamond vintage-esque tassel earrings and cuff bracelets.

As if all that they already offer weren’t enough, Hecox and Hitchcock even offer custom designs made to your specifications. “We love the idea of elevating the look of one’s favorite flea market bakelite find, or adding a new dimension to a 5-karat diamond ring.” Call 1-888.6GOLDYN to find out more about custom orders from this gorgeous label.