The Wild Unknown

The Wild Unknown, both as design brand and literal space, is home to the work of artists Kim Kran and Jonny Ollsin. Both their tangible work and artistic philosophy represents a couple who exudes a passion for creating that which is both aesthetically beautiful and spiritually inspired. Whether Kran is sketching an image for one of the brand's unique Tarot cards or depicting the likeness of Bob Dylan or Johnny Cash, her illustrations always offer up a unique way to pay homage to the those things that feed our souls - from mystic spirituality to music. Kran's intricate drawings for The Wild Unknown's print's and Tarot Deck aren't the only way this highly talented duo expresses their artistic side. She and Ollsin also collaborate as a musical duo, producing ethereal instrumental tracks, some of which have inspired similarly dream-like music videos. They reside and create in Brooklyn, NY.