Suzannah Wainhouse

Suzannah Wainhouse has attracted recognition and praise not only from loyal fans like Erin Wasson and Heidi Klum, but also from respected journalists and critics. In her article entitled "Modern Mystic" (a succinct but apt description of Wainhouse's creative style), New York Times columnist and blogger Kavitha Surana highlights Wainhouse's tactile sensibilities as an artist. "So much of what we see comes from a machine-made place," Wainhouse has said. "I think the world really needs and wants to see things that are made by hand." The designer's jewelry, recognized for it's almost raw aesthetic that incorporates intricately crafted metalwork, is inspired by her background as a painter. The thick impastos in her paintings are reflected in her brass and silver necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. "I identify and respond to a very untrained and primitive eye," Wainhouse has said. Her work includes many recurring organic and traditional symbols, like crosses and wings, and her pieces have been compared to mystical power objects or talismans, as opposed to just decorative ornaments. This aesthetic is clearly a result of Wainhouse's artistic perspective. She avers that "anything can become an artifact," and thus creates jewelry based that she believes will stand the test of time. This is evident in the ancient quality of her pieces, almost like archaeological-treasures. 

We have fallen in love with Wainhouse's ability to imbue the rough-hewn aesthetic of ancient times with a modern appeal. Her jewelry is wearable art. As Surana points out in her article, Wainhouse's molten chiseled bracelets could "easily serve as talismans for a modern urban warrior." Favorite pieces include the Cross Bracelet and Wing Earrings. Whether your style is more casual or elegant, Wainhouse's jewelry will add a unique edge to whatever outfit you choose. Accessorize like a goddess and we think you'll see that you start feeling like one.