Shipley & Halmos

With a cult following since Fall 2008, Shipley & Halmos had the fashion world buzzing since its inception. CFDA Award-winning design duo Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos came together to create highly-wearable pieces with a classic vibe and clean, modern feel; clothing and accessories that will be the backbone of any guy's work to weekend wardrobe, as well as go-to pieces for a night on the town. With various internal divisions responsible for the company's many offerings, Shipley & Halmos produces everything the modern man needs - pants, slacks, shorts, button up shirts, tees and tanks, socks and ties. The quirky guys at Halmos even go so far as to offer funny "things" on their website like tin can "phones" and handwritten pre-paid "text" messages. 

Shipley and Halmos met as college freshman in Boulder Colorado in 1998 and launched their career in the fashion world in the Spring of 2002 when they founded Trovata. After leaving that brand and moving to New York  from Southern California in 2007, the Shipley & Halmos men's collection hit stores in 2008. The designers have said that their line is based on the concept that clothing should never be a disguise, but rather a way to honestly reflect the character of whoever is wearing it. This is evident in their washed woven button up shirts, baseball tees, striped pullovers, and comfortable shorts.

Based in New York City, the brand has a foundation in classic design elements with a fashion-forward twist. Shipley & Halmos take basic, timeless design structures and build upon them with interesting details.  Many pieces have an element of surprise with a ying vs. yang feel – hard and soft, fluid and structured. The cool, hip vibe of Shipley & Halmos lends the perfect mix of traditional prep and fashion-forward fit and detailing to the world of men's fashion.