Reliquiae jewelry combines a fascination for the marvelous with collecting luxury jewelry made from the remains of sea, animal, and plant life specimens. Like nature's alluring gifts, every composition is a one-of-a-kind statement. Each piece is hand made and chosen with a meticulous eye for the most refined materials to be transformed into a work of art and reverence for those in pursuit of the avant-garde. Highly coveted and cherished, when displayed on the body these rings and necklaces allow the wearer to become entranced while being admired by others. Each series of artifacts assumes its species name in Latin.

Reliquiae's artist and designer Lisa Wells designs and handcrafts representations of fossils preserved from a realm beyond our reach. Every sculpted piece of jewelry took weeks to produce and embellish; reinforced with a special blend of resins for strength and aesthetics producing an aqueous illusion. These objects of desire may be exhibited on the hand, or is possible to showcase them as objet d’art in apothecary jars in the chic boudoir or modern parlor. Like exotic flowers, each creation acquires a rarified charm befitting the stylish, expressive woman of today.