Raleigh Denim

The makers of limited edition jeans, Raleigh Denim prides themselves on remaining loyal to the traditions of their craft, both in how they source materials and the construction methods they utilize. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Raleigh Denim describes themselves as a small team of artisans that use local materials and complete every step of the jeans making process under the same roof - from initial design, to cut, sew, and finish.

Their home base serves as the perfect place to source local denim, as North Carolina was the mainstay for great American denim for a long time in decades past. A defining feature of this traditional local material was that it was created by a shuttle carrying one continuous thread back and forth, weaving what is known as selvage denim. In a world where this kind of carefully crafted quality denim is less and less prolific, Raleigh Denim found Cone Mill's White Oak Plant, which provides them with the sturdy, traditionally woven denim they use in their one-of-a-kind jeans. This coveted fabric is cut based on designs inspired both by modern fashions and traditional Americana workwear and then sewn on legit vintage machines (for all you seamstresses out there, the favorite they often pay homage to is the 43200G Union Special chainstitch hemmer). The result is simply styled but meticulously detailed pants that are built to fit your body.

Raleigh Denim is the natural choice for any man who wants to tread the line between fashion-forward and traditional. Their silhouettes are slim enough to fit the modern style aesthetic but they leave room to do the things for which denim was originally intended: work and play. In a world that seems to be increasingly filled with disposable goods, Raleigh Denim gives us a refreshing taste of the built-to-last, both in their design and construction. Check out favorites like the Nash Straight Leg and the Original Thin Leg.