Linea Pelle

Linea Pelle is an upscale handbag, belt and leather goods company. Designing luxury goods for women who appreciate and recognize the perfect fusion of style and function is what the brand is known for. Originally founded in New York but now based in Southern California, Linea Pelle merchandise transitions flawlessly from day to night wear. Continually designing and producing beautiful leather products that mix refined quality, high attention to detail with an effortlessly cool, fashion-forward style, the brand is a favorite among top fashion insiders.

Founded by Mira Katz, Linea Pelle originated from a love of both fashion and accessories with a focus on making the collection a casual lifestyle brand. The brand’s move to Southern California inspired Katz to infuse the ocean into the brand with new colors as well as new styles based on the cool, casual, understated vibe found in the Los Angeles area. Linea Pelle’s muse quickly became the fashionable, LA-based girl – sexy, romantic, hip and comfortable in her own skin. Initially the line consisted primarily of gorgeous belts, but it eventually expanded into the handbag industry with the help of Designer and Creative Director Andrew Cotton. Andrew Cotton pushed the line to also include small leather goods and accessories, all made from soft washed Italian leather. This expansion helped to create the well-known and respected Linea Pelle brand that we know today.

Each Linea Pelle leather piece is individually washed, treated and custom colored. This fine attention to detail is an example of the perfect Linea Pelle aesthetic. Expert craftsmanship, unique colors, and casual luxury embody the Linea Pelle lifestyle and spirit. The brand’s fresh approach each season to producing season-less, statement handbags, belts and other fine leather goods truly results in classic, special pieces. Linea Pelle is worn and celebrated by style influencers, celebrities, tastemakers and  the like. The line’s timeless appeal, attention to detail, integrity and passion give each Linea Pelle collection it’s own unique story.