Kristen Hatgi Sink

Kristen Hatgi was born in Denver, Colorado on the 24th of December 1984. At the age of twelve, she borrowed her father’s camera to create staged situations in her room. At sixteen, she began taking photography classes at her high school and was thereafter committed to the medium. Her love for art and photography carried her to Boston where she spent five years studying at the Art Institute of Boston. Kristen graduated with a bachelor in Fine Arts in May of 2008 and moved back to Denver.

Taking pictures is something that Kristen Hatgi Sink finds amazingly satisfying, frustrating, difficult, exciting, and necessary, all at the same time. She never stops thinking about where and when her next photo shoot will be. Her dedication (and obsession) with photography and art has only grown stronger and more passionate over time. The world as a whole fascinates Kristen, she is in constant amazement of how things work, why people and creatures are the way they are, and the overall evolution of mankind. She is deeply interested in why we are the way that we are, and how we got to this particular place. Her interest in beauty and society’s perception of beauty fuels her to continue pushing herself creatively. Kristen truly believes that although we all have our differences, we also have a general common thread of similarities.

Kristen lives in Denver, Colorado where she collaborates with her husband Mark Sink, creating wet plate collodion photographs. She also works as a commercial photographer and designer. She has exhibited her photography in New York City, Boston, Washington DC, and Denver. Kristen also collaborates with Goldyn to create amazingly beautiful, one-of-akind window display installations each month. Goldyn is beyond honored to work with Kristen Hatgi Sink as well as display and offer her photography and artwork both online and in-store.