Katrina LaPenne

Katrina LaPenne launched her namesake jewelry collection in 2011 after leaving her career of 5-years with renowned NYC-based goldsmith Reinstein Ross. LaPenne’s years as a studied jeweler have helped her build an incredibly beautiful and unique jewelry line completely from scratch, creating each and every detail herself by hand.

LaPenne knew that she was bound to be a artist at a very young age. After graduating from the prestigious Rhode Island School Of Design with a degree in Fine Arts in Jewelry and Light Metals, LaPenne began working for Reinstein Ross and personally designed runway jewelry for fashion designer Charles Nolan. During this time, she was also working on her own jewelry and designed the Silver Claw Earring, which was featured in the Lark Book series on contemporary jewelry designers. This was when the designer realized it was time for the Katrina LaPenne collection to launch.

Inspired by nature’s magnificence, ancient artifacts and exotic decorative objects, LaPenne’s collections include jewelry that that range from everyday pieces like scaled serpents and ornately engraved Victorian pendants to statement-making pieces like brushed Egyptian hoops and golden talon necklaces. The designer spends countless hours using fine hand-instruments to develop each piece, meticulously carving every detail out of wax or fabricating out of metal before making a casting mold. She then uses these molds to duplicate each style in a variety of precious and semi-precious stones and metals. Katrina goes even further to produce her Old World Diamonds collection - each pendant, ring and earring is fabricated entirely by hand, surrounding each individual stone in its own custom 14K gold setting.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, which is the designer's hometown, Katrina Lapenne aims to keep her company as socially and environmentally conscious as possible. An abundance of her materials come from Hoover & Strong and are produced from 100% recycled goods.