JJ Scholl

JJ Scholl, a luxury bicycle and scooter accessory line, was founded by renowned freelance fashion stylist, branding expert and social media guru Jenny Lee Walsh. It is an accessory collection inspired by the elegant adventures and travels of the designer’s jet setting great uncle, Dr. Scholl. Yes, THAT Dr. Scholl – the doctor/designer who has provided footwear and footwear accessories internationally since 1904. Dr. Scholl traveled extensively during the 1950’s and Walsh’s inspiration for the line JJ Scholl comes from his experiences during that time period.

Walsh has designed a collection that infuses lasting style with function. Perfect for wanderlust spirits and commuters, JJ Scholl has a classic Americana heritage style with an edgy attention to detail. With designs that are as fashion conscious as they are practical, the line is ideal for the modern traveler.  Simply use the straps at the bottom of JJ Scholl's bags to secure the bag onto the back of any scooter or bicycle with a bag rack attached.  JJ Scholl’s bicycle and scooter cases are a must-have whether you take your bike and/or scooter riding seriously, or just for fun.