Elizabeth Knight Jewelry

Elizabeth Thompson designs each piece for her collection Elizabeth Knight Jewelry to feel like a treasure dug straight from the Earth. Rugged and enduring, Elizabeth Thompson’s collections find their beauty in an unadulterated toughness. Elizabeth takes inspiration from the aesthetic perfection of natural forms, and strives to preserve their integrity in her pieces for Elizabeth Knight Jewelry. Signature pieces such as the Scorpion Claw Cufflinks and the Rattlesnake’s Jaw Earrings reveal Elizabeth’s discerning eye for beauty in unconventional sources. Using her craft to explore the origins of an object of inspiration gives each piece a backstory and makes wearing it a personal, connected experience.

Elizabeth Knight Jewelry includes seven signature collections with distinct inspirations: Armor, Crown Rings, Dark Horse, Ground, Heroine, Primitive and Water. The Armor collection draws inspiration from associations of invincibility with protective coverings. The Crown Rings make a glamorous statement as miniature versions of the ornate symbol of power. A juxtaposition to the first two collections’ definitively man-made roots, the Ground collection lifts its shapes straight from nature’s intelligent design of resilient ground-dwelling animals, especially the scorpion. Some pieces from the Heroine collection take inspiration from powerful figures of Greek mythology, while others simply showcase the beauty of natural gemstones. The Primitive collection uses unadorned silver and gold to show off the beauty of simple, angular shapes, while the Water pieces are an experimentation with intricate texture using the forms of delicate aquatic animals.

Elizabeth Knight Jewelry’s distinctive aesthetic of beauty from unapologetic roughness caught the attention of buyer Vanessa Barcus at Goldyn. The selection of pieces from the Heroine collection carried in the boutique fits seamlessly with Goldyn’s collection of fashion-forward designer lines and take any everyday outfit from plain to Pinterest-worthy. In publication, fashion authorities such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Lucky, I-d  and Nylon have all featured Elizabeth Knight Jewelry.