Elc Mens

Colorado-based Elc Mens clothing offers the modern gentleman apparel and accessories that are timeless and made with impeccable craftsmanship.  Drawing from their Colorado lifestyle in particular, Elc Mens’ designs feature sturdy button up shirts, tees, chinos and outerwear that are made to be worn and worked in, whether you’re in the city or playing in the mountains.  It’s just such a lifestyle – one that can just as easily go between working at a desk as it can be chopping logs for a campfire in the woods – that inspired Elc’s two designers Patrick King and Matt Hessler to start the collection in the first place.  With nearly all pieces being produced in the US, Elc Mens is also known for their limited edition collaborations with noteworthy American artisans.  Think hand carved smoking pipes made from the best pipefitters, limited edition hunting knives with carved horn handles, and bespoke cashmere suits crafted by New York’s utmost family-run suitmaker.  That’s just the kind of special thought that Elc puts into each of their styles. 

Designers Patrick King and Matt Hessler weave an intricately plotted story to go along with each season’s collection for Elc.  For Spring/Summer, the brands’ sophomore collection drew inspiration from the betrayal and murder of an unnamed American legend in Chicago, and the crowd that witnessed this incident on a July night in the summer of 1934.  From the savvy Chicago crowd, to the policemen and FBI agents, to the reporters, and the dashing criminal shot in the back in an act of cowardice, the imagery of this cast of characters painted a canvas upon which the Spring/Summer collection was drawn.  Likewise, for Fall/Winter the duo drew inspiration from the height on the great depression, in which over 250,000 teenage hoboes were roaming America.  Driven from their homes by poverty and spurred on by wanderlust and hope, these boxcar boys were hopping trains and heading west.  Their sun drenched tales of peril and perseverance formed the colors and patterns that then led to Elc’s Fall collection.  Think washed-out, muted tones in a depression-era aesthetic.  Stay tuned to these imaginative and multi-talented designers from our home state of Colorado, as they piece together stories both old and new to form a menswear collection that is something to write home about.