Carrie Hoffman Jewelry

Jeweler Carrie Hoffman hails from Los Angeles, and her collection of delicate, yet statement-making jewelry speaks to a similarly easy-going yet polished vibe befitting of her Southern California roots.  Carrie Hoffman began her career by working up the ranks with LA jewelry designer Maya Brenner before launching her own collection in 2012.  In her namesake collection, Carrie Hoffman expanded upon her background of crafting delicate, 14k gold jewelry by adding her own spin – that being one inspired by a combination of punk rock style and architectural minimalism.  While Carrie Hoffman’s jewelry is most certainly delicate and simple enough to wear every day, at the same time each piece packs a statement-making punch.  Picture simple bar earrings reminiscent of staples, bohemian-style mid finger rings, and 90s-style ear cuffs.  Don’t let Carrie Hoffman’s rocker-tinged aesthetic fool you though; all of her pieces are crafted from 14k gold and are often beset with diamonds.  Think punk rock goes luxury.  Carrie counts among her fans a bevy of celebrity clientele, including Beyonce Knowles, Rooney Mara, and Mila Kunis.  Just like these hip ladies know, Carrie Hoffman’s jewelry is perfect for the chic woman’s everyday wardrobe.