CarolAnn Wachter

With a stunning collection of easily wearable yet utterly chic blouses, breezy dresses and well-tailored outerwear, CarolAnn Wachter’s namesake label has a little bit of something for everyone.  Designed out of her hometown of Boulder, Colorado, CarolAnn Wachter offers apparel that’s easily adapted for both work and play.  With a background in painting and sculpture from the Art Institute of Chicago, she draws from classic forms and focuses on impeccable craftsmanship, luxurious fabrics and elegant silhouettes in her fashion line. CarolAnn Wachter also takes cues from the perfection of design in nature. She believes that form and function in natural creations work in seamless harmony, and strives to integrate both practicality and beauty in her clothes.

With her designs, CarolAnn Wachter’s goal is versatility and wearability for all age groups and occasions. Her clothes appeal to women from twenty-somethings who understand the value of beautifully tailored pieces, to style-conscious sixty-year-olds. Each enduringly stylish CarolAnn Wachter piece is made to be a cherished and timeless addition to its wearer’s wardrobe. In the new age of cheap, fast-fashion retail giants, CarolAnn Wachter believes women should build a relationship with their clothes so that discovering personal style is an extremely connected experience. She designs with the philosophy that every woman should feel beautiful, with clothes as an integral part of self-identity.

All of CarolAnn Wachter’s clothing is consciously produced with the best manufacturers in New York City. CarolAnn works to keep jobs in Manhattan’s Garment District and has made a commitment to do so with her collection. Besides allowing greater control over production of small size runs, manufacturing domestically takes advantage of the high skill level of the Garment District’s human capital, which is required to effectively make CarolAnn’s clothes. The craftsmanship most definitely shows through in the product.  CarolAnn also takes pride in the fact that the higher level of specialization needed in the production means the factory workers receive a living wage for their work.

Elle, Lucky, Spur and 5280 Magazine have all featured CarolAnn’s designs.  Constrtucted with rich jewel tones and CarolAnn's own self-made prints, the collection is most definitely one to take note of.  Goldyn’s selection of Carol Ann Wachter blouses, coats, skirts and vests in rich colors and fabrics takes you effortlessly from work to cocktails to after-hours.