Ariel Gordon Jewelry

LA-based jewelry designer Ariel Gordon launched her eponymous collection of delicately modern rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in 2008.  After graduating summa cum laude from UCLA with a BA in English and Italian, Ariel Gordon produced red carpets events in Hollywood as a publicist.  She began designing jewelry as an escape from the hectic pace of the PR world.  While the therapeutic effects of designing and goldsmithing certainly have been replenishing, Ariel’s celebrity connections from the PR world have undoubtedly helped launch her namesake jewelry collection into the stratosphere.  Worn by everyone from Drew Barrymore to Jessica Alba and Liv Tyler, Ariel Gordon Jewelry has a seemingly endless list of A-list fans.  It’s not hard to see why:  Her jewelry is simple, delicate and timeless, yet has a decidedly modern look at the same time. 

Ariel Gordon's overall vision for the collection is to create simple jewelry that appeals to a variety of women, with the goal of creating a line that can translate from day to night, and that can be integrated into various personal styles. Inspired by nature, art, architecture, and the inherent beauty of her raw materials, Ariel Gordon’s jewelry collection has something that can appeal on a personal level to everyone. Using only the highest quality 14k gold and sterling silver with semi-precious stones and diamonds, Ariel Gordon creates pieces that are modern, versatile, and chic with a hint of sexy femininity and bold individuality.  Each piece is handmade with the utmost quality and care in Ariel’s hometown, Los Angeles.  Likewise, Ariel is committed to using only conflict-free stones in her collection, and sources her materials only from the most reputable vendors.  Check out best-sellers like the Small Washer Rings, Circle Pendant Necklace, and Silk Braid Bracelet.  Also popular are Ariel Gordon’s more personalized items, such as her Mini Alphabet Charm Necklaces, as well as her monogram-able Signet Rings.  Worn alone or layered and stacked, Ariel Gordon's jewelry collection is a true staple.